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How to get Linux hosts with DHCP IP addresses to show up in Microsoft DNS automatically

This blog post outlines a little trick we use to get Linux-based hosts on a network to show up in Microsoft-based DNS… automagically. This self-registration with DNS usually “just works” in a homogeneous Windows network (famous last words!)– so many folks take it for granted until they need something from the Linux ecosystem. Without setting this up, your options are either A) refer to said machines by IP address only, or B) manually add their hostnames and IPs into DNS, and manually keep those records updated. Keep reading…

Using Wireshark to View/Track SQL Server Browser Traffic

Setting up a Wireshark filter to view only SQL Server Browser traffic is fairly simple, once you are familiar with the tools. All SQL Server Browser traffic uses UDP port 1434 as either the origin or destination. For a server with multiple instances, the Browser helps direct client connections to the correct instance. Using Wireshark to take a detailed look at this network activity can help shed some light on client connection issues that would otherwise be a real nightmare.
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