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How to migrate a Microsoft SQL database back to an older version of SQL

There are situations where you might need to migrate newer-version SQL Server databases to older versions of the MSSQL engine, such as in various QA or testing scenarios, or after an upgrade that for any number of reasons calls for a rollback but needs to keep existing data. Unfortunately, backup/restore does not work when going from a newer to an older version of Microsoft SQL Server– it is not possible to restore a SQL 2012 database backup into a SQL 2005 server, for example. So in order to accomplish this, we have to take a different approach. Keep reading…

Exporting Data to an MS Access .MDB File Using SSIS

In this post I will outline a straight-forward way to export data to a Microsoft Access .MDB file using SQL Server Integration Services along with the Microsoft Office Access Database OLE DB Provider. I will also show you how to set the Run64BitRuntime package property to ensure your SSIS package can engage the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine provider.

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