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Partition Alignment in a Windows-Based Environment Using the DiskPart Utility

Alignment of disk partitions can have a huge performance impact, particularly for database servers. Incorrect alignment from an out-of-the-box installation could tax a system’s I/O performance as much as 35%, depending on the type of activity (1). Partitioning, and therefore partition alignment, is one of the first things to happen when a server is being built. A mistake in that early step can negatively affect the performance of the I/O subsystem for the life of a production database server. And yet it was not long ago that it seemed nobody in the DBA community had ever heard of partition alignment.

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Using Wireshark to View/Track SQL Server Browser Traffic

Setting up a Wireshark filter to view only SQL Server Browser traffic is fairly simple, once you are familiar with the tools. All SQL Server Browser traffic uses UDP port 1434 as either the origin or destination. For a server with multiple instances, the Browser helps direct client connections to the correct instance. Using Wireshark to take a detailed look at this network activity can help shed some light on client connection issues that would otherwise be a real nightmare.
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Exporting Data to an MS Access .MDB File Using SSIS

In this post I will outline a straight-forward way to export data to a Microsoft Access .MDB file using SQL Server Integration Services along with the Microsoft Office Access Database OLE DB Provider. I will also show you how to set the Run64BitRuntime package property to ensure your SSIS package can engage the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine provider.

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