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Database Architecture

When it comes to designing a new database tier or improving high availability and disaster recovery options, putting IDS to work for you will give your business
the best return for its tech investment.

Scalability and Disaster Protection

Over the lifespan of critical business database systems, it is just a matter of time before you run into new performance or scalability limitations. Because databases grow when business grows, these problems can come at the worst times for you and your people. With IDS reinforcements at your side, you can put an end to the fire-fighting. Our experts will help your company overtake the most complex challenges, with a plan based on experience and technical expertise. We will improve your position by getting your systems squared-away and ready for that next surge in business.

You might realize there are risks to your valuable data that are not being mitigated, or you might even need help identifying the risks. No matter the reason or the history, your company’s future is at stake. The more time that goes by, the more you are putting on the line when disaster strikes. Be proactive and plan a winning move by putting our field experience and technical expertise in your corner. IDS will architect a robust solution for you that will protect your business and put you way ahead of the game.

Database Design

Today’s development teams have their work cut out for them. The business needs a minimum viable product up and running for the marketplace… yesterday. Unfortunately, foundational mistakes early in the development lifecycle can jeopardize future success long before it has even happened. IDS can help your business steer clear of database-related pitfalls with a smart, informed design and evolutionary roadmap during this critical time.

We understand that an increased capital burn rate is the last thing you need. But in many cases, just a few hours working with IDS, leveraging our expertise and experience, can put your team’s work on the path to sustainable success.

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Database Administration

IDS Database Administration services are designed to be flexible, in order to best suit your unique and changing business needs.

 Monthly Services

Relational databases can often just get by with a little care and feeding, particularly when they are young and well-designed. However, as time goes by, and as a business comes to depend on the availability and safety of its valuable data, comprehensive preventative care, combined with top-notch monitoring and expert DBA assistance, becomes a necessity.

Why pay for more human resources than you need? Bring in the value of IDS. We offer three progressive levels of monitoring, which can be combined with three levels of DBA incident response. IDS can enable you to leverage the latest high-availability and disaster recovery technologies. Our DBAs can install and manage even the most complex architectures that include clustering, replication, mirroring, and AlwaysOn configurations, as well as many others.

Let us custom tailor our Database Administration services to fit your needs. Our services provide you more value and more peace of mind for less cost. IDS will help you stay ahead of the destructive forces of nature, and we will be there to respond when disaster strikes.

 Customized Services

To offer more flexibility for clients with unique needs, IDS offers hourly database administration services, with both Pre-Paid and On-Demand options.  Don’t let a lack of in-house expertise limit your business.  We are here to help you to make the most out of what you have.

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Database Development

There are a lot of reasons to get outside help for your database development needs.  Database development requires intimate understanding of the relational engine to best leverage infrastructure and investment, and to operate in a way that meets or exceeds expectations.  Even the best developers can benefit from that understanding, but learning it themselves can be a costly distraction.

Our Database Development services can benefit you by expanding your team’s potential. Your team might not have adequate knowledge or experience with this technology, or your team might just benefit from having another set of eyes on this portion of its work. Often, the stakes might be too high to gamble on your team’s ability to master the subject. Once you determine that there is a need, it is often simply too much overhead to hire a full time expert to help code queries to interact with your data. IDS will help you reduce your unknowns, and increase your output, and we will be there once your work has moved to production.

When we build functionality for you, we do our best to understand your short-term and long-term goals, and to consider your needs in depth.  When it comes to delivering, we do it in a knowledgeable, professional, and personal manner, with reasonable time estimates, and an end product that will leave you glad you went with us.

Our goal is to provide contracted assistance that feels like inside help to the members of your team.  Experience shows that this level of cooperation and trust is the best way to make wonderful things happen.

Development work can be based on a project basis, or a monthly subscription basis.  We will work with you to scope out the development work you need, and to figure out a solution that works best for you and your business.

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Need Help?

Not sure if you have a need, or if we can help?  Give us a call, or send us an email.  If you can benefit from our work, we will be happy to help you get your database into a state where it is working for you like it should be.  If not, we might be able to help you find the assistance you need – either way, we’re here to help.


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